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He discover magic the night of his 18th birthday and he discover a passion who makes him vibes since 10 years He live, eat, sleep for magic and can’t stop to work on it, find new tricks and modernize. Everywhere in France, to your TV screen and today he share his talent and his creativity all around the world.



Enter the new air of digital magic. The Art of Magic Reinvented, Using New Interactive and Innovative Tools: IPad Magic. Jordane uses the new technology to create a personalized animation (highlighting your product, logo or company). Do you have an idea of ​​what Jordane could do with your smartphone or tablet? The ideal magic to energize your salons or seminars.


Achievable in all circumstances, the close-up is tricks with cards, mentalism, coins or usual objects, and all of that right next to the spectators.

The close-up is ideal for seminaries, weddings, cocktails, bars and restaurants…

The show *

And what if everything was already planned? Show for everyone, 1h30min of show! A fascinating one man show, with mentalism, illusion, and a lot of humor.

* need a stage or a similar space.


Hypnoze show more than 1h30min of laughs, joy and surprises. Dare you?

It’s possible to do it in close-up

Balloons sculptures

Easy models are realizable for big and non patient crowd.

Some sculptures can be themed like motors, Disney princess, Star wars…


- A mental illusion

- Hypnoze

- Additional hours of close-up

- Balloons sculptures in addition of others

Class of Magic

If you want to be a magician, this class suits for you, learn tricks and magical base.

From 1h to 10h of classes ( from 7 years old to 107 years old).

+33 0 6-17-58-57-35

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